App can be boon to diabetics

by | Jul 18, 2018 | News

This article first appeared on Straits Times (Singapore) (18 July 2018).

A mobile phone app that can detect developing foot ulcers or wounds in diabetics is the newest brainchild of KroniKare tech experts Hossein Nejati and Ali Y Aladdin and their two team members from the National Healthcare Group (NHG).

NHG associate consultant and team member Gary Ang said that there are about 1,500 cases of amputation a year in Singapore which were distressing and costly for patients.

The new application, Stop Lower Extremity Amputations, is being developed and, if rolled out, can be downloaded onto smartphones which have thermal cameras attached to them. They can be used by nurses to conduct foot screenings.

“While regular foot screenings take about 20 minutes in polyclinics, the app, which can detect heat residues and identify blood circulation problems and potential ulcers, will reduce this time greatly,” said Dr Hossein.

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