Pan Arab Telemedicine & Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019 on 7th – 8th December 2019 @Marriott Hotel Downtown, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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This CME accredited event not only offers information update on Telemedicine but also includes Live Demos on both general and specialty Telemedicine software, Live Interviews of Industry Experts from UK and USA along with Interactive Question/Answer sessions with Telemedicine Experts from various countries.  We aim to leave you with powerful “Take home motivation” for engaging and adopting Telemedicine within your day to day medical practice.

In my view, Telemedicine lowers various elements of disease burden in society.  It reduces the “Access Burden” by speeding up the availability of a clinician through Online Medical Consultation.  The “Logistic Burden” is diluted by avoiding the need to travel physically to medical practice.  Telemedicine reduces the “Social Burden” by cutting down the often-necessary engagement of family members to accompany at a physical visit to a clinic.  Telemedicine-based appointments minimize the “Economic Burden” as Online Medical Consultations are less expensive and cut down the chances of losing hours of work along with the cost of traveling.

Telemedicine is a revolutionary bridge to equalize the mismatched Physician Density between urban and rural areas.  It enables implementation of WHO recommended the ratio of 1 doctor to 1000 patients.  The countries with a growing population and large geographic perimeter are finding Telemedicine as a first-choice solution to improve access to care, make healthcare affordable, lower volume and capacity issues while enhancing the quality of healthcare service in general.

As the Conference Chairman, my two-fold goal is for you to gain quality knowledge and learn the skill to embed Telemedicine in your field of practice.  With the help of Conference Management Team of SMAC-UAE and Medical Advisory Board of Medical City Online UK, I am confident that we would be able to achieve the desired outcome.

I would be delighted to welcome you and look forward to seeing you at this 2-day conference on 7-8 December 2019 at the prestigious venue, Marriott Hotel Downtown, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Dr. Suhail Chughtai FRCS

Conference Chairman

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