Key findings for on-going pilot testing

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The IHiS & KroniKare team would like to thank you for your overwhelming support. Since we went public with news of the iThermo pilot on 12 Feb, we have received over 200 inquiries across various industries, requesting for some 300 units.

If you have reached out to us, you would have received an iThermo form requesting for more information to help us serve you better. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our sales team,, if you have any further inquiries.

In the meantime, here is our progress to-date.

iThermo is still in its pilot stage. The team is validating the device at a variety of settings from a specialist outpatient clinic to a commercial building. The different location conditions will help us better enhance the software in iThermo and guide us in future deployment.

Some of the things we are testing for

  1.  The environment parameters that iThermo can accurately operate under
  2.  The optimal threshold setting for environment parameters to maximize the iThermo’s sensitivity
  3.  Case exceptions that will need to be handled manually


Key findings to-date

1.  Proper device set-up is a must!

Numerous factors such as wind and non-visible circulating heat currents (e.g. air-condenser units and road surfaces) can affect temperature readings. These factors can be accounted for simply by ensuring the device is set-up & positioned correctly. For tricky locations, a site survey ahead of deployment will be necessary.

2.  Traffic flow must be controlled

One of iThermo’s unique selling point is that there is no need for visitors to stop for a temperature reading as the device utilises artificial intelligence to screen people as they walk by. However, footfall must be one-way, with crowd funneled to a narrow point. This will ensure that no one is missed during the screening process. 

3.  Limitations of the iThermo

Similar to manual handheld infrared thermometers, iThermo is unable to screen those with bangs (hair covering their forehead), thick make-up or perspiration. These case exceptions will need to be dealt with manually. 

We have received multiple requests to roll-out iThermo immediately at organisations. While we understand the pressing need for such a solution, we want to ensure that our device works accurately and efficiently before deployment. Rest assured, we are sorting out inventory, at the same time as these trials, to assemble iThermo devices and fulfil requests for trials. 

Watch this space for more updates! 

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