KroniKare Support & Training

KroniKare’s products and services can seamlessly integrate into the existing workflow. As part of our wrap-round support, we offer:

• An easy-to-use interface for all skill levels
• Integration with existing Electronic Medical Record systems
• Product support and training to move over to state-of-the-art

KroniKare’s Customer Support comes with:

Live Support

Should your healthcare staff face any difficulties during your practice, our team is available at your call and beck via our live online support. We are available to chat and offer support services via phone or email.

Training Sessions

Our team is equipped to train healthcare practitioners at different healthcare facilities and at all levels to integrate the KroniKare technology into your existing workflow. Training can be conducted at your facility.

Online User Resources

KroniKare partners and clients receive access to an online database of resources with useful guides, manuals and other important updates that are relevant for you to make the best out of your KroniKare journey.

User Resources

KroniKare Wound Scanner (KKSCAN1) – Instruction For Use (IFU)

How to use the KroniKare Wound Scanner

KroniKare Wound Scanner (KKSCAN2) – Instruction For Use (IFU)

How to use the KroniKare Wound Scanner

Previous versions of KroniKare Wound Scanner IFU

Reading Resources

KroniKare Proof of Value (PoV) Report

Productivity gains of using a wound care device

US FDA Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Discussion Paper

Proposed Regulatory Framework for Modifications to Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) – Based Software as a Medical Device (SaMD)

Advance Technologies for Industry – Product Watch

Artificial Intelligence-based software as a medical device

Journal Reports: Health Care

How Apps Can Help Manage Chronic Diseases

Design to Value in Medical Devices

The Economic Impact of Hard-to Heal wounds:

Promoting Practice Change to Address Passivity in Wound Management

Best Practice in Wound Assessment

Wound Healing

IDF Diabetes Atlas

Emerging Technologies to Support an Aging Population


If you have other questions pertaining to the guidelines you should follow, or how KroniKare provides in-depth product support and training, drop us a message and we’ll be in touch shortly.