Wound scanner in Singapore is garnering success

by | Dec 6, 2017 | News

This article first appeared on BioSpectrum Asia (6 December 2017).

Researchers in Singapore have developed a wound scanner that can assess the severity and depth of wounds in seconds, with great accuracy.

Chronic wounds are an increasingly problematic issue in the medical world. The condition is the result of common ailments such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

The scanner called Kronikare has been on trial since August at Saint Andrew’s Community Hospital.

Singapore is filing a patent on the scanner’s artificial intelligence controlled thermal imaging system, which uses smart phone technology.

Kronikare can assess a wide variety of wounds from ulcers to wounds caused by accidents. It provides detailed information that helps with diagnosis and treatment.

KroniKare’s solution is made up of a mobile application for patients and a back-end dashboard for nurses. Based on the five-second video, the system can estimate the size and depth of the wound with accuracy down to 1mm. It also assesses the tissues surrounding the wound. Lastly, it scans for early signs of complications.

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